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The Creekside Inn was originally built in 1813 and has strong historic ties to the surrounding area. It holds countless memories for the families that lived in the house and the many people that
knew them. The house is also alive with memories from the years it was run by Melanie & Joey Fiato as Charlotte’s Creekside. Melanie laid much of the groundwork that we built upon and people often come in reminiscing of the good times that were spent eating and listening to Joey sing in the same building.


After 19 years of running a successful restaurant in Sylvan Beach, founders Mike and Kelly Miller wanted to bring a quality dining experience to Oneida. As Kelly states, “We waited patiently to purchase this building, and when the time finally came we were able to take this place we had fallen in love with years before and make it our own. With the love of going out for meals and experiencing different relaxing
atmospheres, we wanted to make it a place we would love to go.”


Renovations were started in May 2016 and were completed in January, 2017. It was exciting to see our dreams and ideas for the building brought to life and are very proud of what has become the Creekside Inn. With Kelly’s vision for the décor, we went through each room changing the lighting and paint colors as well as adding new floors. Mike had the pub expertise. We completely remodeled the area to make it cozy and relaxing.


Our team worked with many locally talented people to get the exact look and feel we wanted for Creekside Inn:


• Mark Papa (Industrial Loft) helped exact our vision and made our sconces in the dining rooms and pub, created stunning women’s and men’s room along with numerous other touches around the building.

• Eric helped find and collect the barn wood for the pub and lounge walls.

• David Desantis (Master Blacksmith) helped to perfect our vision for the loft area.

• Brian and Bob Campbell built our railing and made sure our loft was solid and safe.

• Christopher Sgarlata and his trusty helper, Tim Wimmet were our contractors.

• Also great thanks to Stoneworks for creating our beautiful bar and reception desktop. Rob Roser (Argi-Weld) for our sheet metal wall in our pub. Terry Blowers for our amazing front door and Gary Whipple for making our wood floors look new again.

Many thanks! We could not have done it without you! Our area is blessed with many people with big hearts and amazing talents. We are thankful to be part of such a great community.

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